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Le Bistrot du Peintre
116 avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 00 34 39
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French food served in the bistro Daily menu board Liquor of Quiquina
Lillet, aperitif from Bordeaux Bread and wine, so french Conserve of duck
Sirloin steak from Salers stock Coffee: a parisian bistro institution Daily menu board

The Daily Menu Board

At Bistrot du Peintre, market cuisine is also found on the menu board. Everyday, the Chef suggests two entrees, a large salad, three dishes (meat, poultry, fish) and two desserts, chosen according to the season, fruits and vegetables of the moment, in keeping with the whims and inspiration of the owner... enough to daily renew the delight of the regulars and amaze passing gourmets. With its carefully studied prices, the menu board at Bistrot is an institution in itself! Just see for yourself: any daily special appetizer ordered with one of the menu board entrée will only cost you 3 Euros extra!


At Bistrot du Peintre, one menu board comes with another: that of the “Wine of the Month!” A favorite of the owner, the wine of the month is available by the glass 13 cl (4.4 fl oz), by the carafe 46 cl (15.5 fl oz), or the bottle 75 cl (25.5 fl oz) at very reasonable prices. Discover – with moderation – these authentic wines, developed by independent and passionate winegrowers.



Today, on the Board :

Cochon de lait rôti, purée au Cantal 11.50 euros
Filet de cabillaud au beurre blanc, bulbe de fenouil, pommes vapeur 11.50 euros
Crumble de poires 6.50 euros